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Neponset Valley's Choral Connection

October 29, 2017 Announcements


Hi Everyone,


Hope you're enjoying the calm before the storm.  It's drizzling here in Attleboro so the deluge is close at hand!  Hope everyone is safe tonight.


The deadline for this season's ad campaign is one (1) week away. One more week, one more big push. I hope everyone is prepared to get all of their ad/donation forms and payments in next Monday, November 6.  This is the only way we can guarantee  that these ads will be placed in the program. If you are not comfortable soliciting for ads you might want to consider asking for donations...from other people and from yourself, too.


A few reminders...AMAZON SMILE. As you start kicking around Christmas gift ideas or even ready to purchase said gifts, please remember to use Amazon Smile as much as possible.  It's easy to sign up...just go on Amazon and click on Amazon Smile.  We are listed and all you need to do is select us as the non-profit organization you want to contribute to.  It doesn't cost you a's a win/win. Make sure you mention it to family members and friends, too.  The more the better.  


CONCERT DRESS ...We're getting down to the wire for our concert.  Please make sure that your outfit for December 9/10 is ok and doesn't need major surgery or cleaning.  If you have any questions regarding concert dress please ask your section leader or myself.  


Our beautiful new POSTERS are in.  Thank you, Dawn. Excellent job, as always. I'll be  bringing them in tomorrow.


A very unique way of helping out NCS without having to attend board meetings has become available.  As you know, Chris Keller has been our Web Master for quite awhile...not sure how many years but it's a lot!  Chris has done a great job designing and then maintaining our website with updates, audio, and photo additions. We never had to worry about our website because Chris took such great care.  Chris has decided to retire from her position and move on.  Understandable. We now need someone to take over for Chris.  Personally, I can't imagine what this position entails but Chris makes it sound very, very easy.  All the work has been done.  It's just a matter of replacing pertinent information every season.  If you're looking for a way to volunteer and help us out but be on your own (without anyone breathing down your neck) and you have a working knowledge of adding/deleting information on a website please consider taking over for Chris.  She has said that she would be happy to work, explain, and show anyone who is interested. Please think about it.  We (and Chris) would be grateful.


Hope everyone will be in attendance at tomorrow's rehearsal...big goings on!





AmazonSmile Information


NCS-specific link to AmazonSmile:  AmazonSmile: You shop. Amazon gives.


About AmazonSmile: Program details and FAQ

Past Concert Audio Available
I am attaching a spreadsheet sent to me by Kate Rawstron, the keeper and manager of our concert cd's.  When you open this spreadsheet you will see that Kate has a lot of old and recent cd's and tapes and even a video or two.  She's been storing these in her condo for a long time and needs more room for her son's Leggos.  If you see something that you would like to purchase we are offering the items on this list at bargain basement prices!  At the great price of $5 each you, too, can be the proud owner of concert recordings that you may not have.  Hard to believe isn't it? Great time to complete your library.  If you pay by check please make it out to Neponset Choral Society.  Please contact us at
Old Tape CD accounting.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [38.6 KB]

Celebrating our 69th season!

You can find us here:

Neponset Choral Society
PO Box 202
East Walpole, MA, MA 02032


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Pictures from one of our recent events are now online! Check them out.

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