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January 22, 2018 Announcements


Happy Sunday, everyone!


Tomorrow evening is our first closed rehearsal. I hope that all who hadn't decided last week will decide to join tomorrow night. Peggy will be set up in her usual spot, nice and early, so get everything settled with her and then come sing.


  • In the "early" your best to get settled before 7:30 - sitting, ready to warm up at 7:30. Chris starts on time! I realize that for some, it's not possible, but for most, aim to be early enough to start on time.
  • Remember that no food or drinks other than water are allowed on the altar, and no one should be wearing any scented product of any kind. Be careful - in the winter, your clothing picks up and holds onto scents. Scent is a long-time choral no-no.
  • We have a rehearsal this upcoming Friday - it's on the calendar. We'll mention it again tonight. Also, remember that those who want to continues the evening at Eagle Brook Saloon (one of out big advertisers).
  • I'll introduce the section leaders tonight...they are very important liaisons between Chris & Linda and all the singers. They can answer many of your questions, set up sectional rehearsals, and...they take attendance! PLEASE notify them if you must miss a rehearsal. Their contact information is under "Members" on the home page of Chorus Connection.
  • Please dive into Chorus Connection! Lots of information is housed there - and Peggy assures me that you can't hurt anything! It won't let you go anywhere you shouldn't, so do a little exploring.
  • And, for the folks who have them - please wear your name tags!


That's it for now - thanks to all for helping to set things up on the altar and put everything back in place at the end of rehearsal. It makes a big difference! See you tomorrow  -





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Past Concert Audio Available
I am attaching a spreadsheet sent to me by Kate Rawstron, the keeper and manager of our concert cd's.  When you open this spreadsheet you will see that Kate has a lot of old and recent cd's and tapes and even a video or two.  She's been storing these in her condo for a long time and needs more room for her son's Leggos.  If you see something that you would like to purchase we are offering the items on this list at bargain basement prices!  At the great price of $5 each you, too, can be the proud owner of concert recordings that you may not have.  Hard to believe isn't it? Great time to complete your library.  If you pay by check please make it out to Neponset Choral Society.  Please contact us at
Old Tape CD accounting.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [38.6 KB]

Celebrating our 69th season!

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